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BARD Materials has a proud history of growth and continual improvement. This growth could not have been possible without the hard work, dedication, and integrity of all employees - present and past.


1946 - Bill Mescher and Art Thier borrow $10,000 for an end loader to excavate sand and gravel in Dyersville Iowa. 'Dyersville Sand and Gravel Company' is founded.


1952 - The company expands the sand and gravel business to include ready mixed concrete. This involves the purchase of their first ready mix truck. Over the years, growth of the ready mix business grows steadily and employees and equipment are added to the business.

1953 - A quarry is opened and the company begins crushing rock, with some of it being utilized by the ready mix plant.


1968 - The name of the company is changed to "Dyersville Ready Mix Company" and incorporated.

1970 - Roger Mescher, Bill's oldest son, purchases his fathers' share of the business.


1971 - The existing ready mix plant at Cascade is purchased from Besler Ready Mix. The company's new locations begin adopting the name BARD Concrete. BARD is an acronym for Bill, Art, Roger and Dennis

1973 - A new office is built at the Dyersville plant.

1974 - Bill Mescher passes away on March 15, 1974.

1976 - Dennis Thier, Art's son purchases his father's share of the business.

1978 - Under the strong leadership of Roger and Dennis, BARD continues its steady growth. BARD purchases the existing ready mix plants at Langworthy, Anamosa and Wyoming from Shomont Ready Mix.

1979 - The plant at Langworthy is closed and a new ready mix plant is built in Monticello. Additionally, Watters Ready Mix at Anamosa is purchased and the existing plant at Anamosa is closed. Tim Watters, previous owner of Watters Ready Mix, still manages the Anamosa Plant for BARD Materials.


1984 - A new ready mix plant and office is built at the Cascade location.

1986 - Existing ready mix plants at Manchester, Central City, and Edgewood are purchased from Manatts Inc.


1992 - Art Thier passes away on August 27, 1992.

1993 - A second story is added to the Dyersville office building.

1994 - A new ready mix plant and office is built at a new location in Anamosa.

1995 - Existing ready mix plants at Guttenberg and Strawberry Point are purchased from Swales Concrete.


2000 - Dubuque Ready Mix is purchased and now operates as the BARD Materials Dubuque West Plant.

2000 - Roger Mescher retires and sells his interest to Manatts Inc. of Brooklyn, Iowa. Manatts is selected as a partner because of similarities in history, vision, and mission. BARD and Manatts have enjoyed a successful partnership.

2002 - 50th anniversary of being in the concrete business is marked.

2005 - BARD purchases Kowalski-Kieler, Inc. of southwest Wisconsin. Kowalski-Kieler operates Ready Mix plants in Dickeyville, Lancaster, Fennimore, Dodgeville, Platteville, Highland, Cassville, and Blanchardville. Kowalski-Kieler also operates two crushing spreads and one sand processing plant.

2006 - BARD purchases GA Watson, Inc. of Dodgeville, Wisconsin and is combined with current Dodgeville location. Along with a ready mix plant in Dodgeville, WI GA Watsons operates in 10 aggregate locations throughout Southwest Wisconsin.

2007 - BARD Purchases Glendenning Ready Mix and Limestone of Darlington, WI. Glendenning operates ready mix plants in Darlington, Schullsburg, and Gratiot in addition to 5 aggregate locations in Lafayette County, WI.

2009 - BARD Concrete, Glendenning Ready Mix and Limestone, Kowalski-Kieler, GA Watson are combined and rebranded into the name BARD Materials.