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BARD's quality management program is constantly analyzing our products and components of materials to ensure performance. Gradation tests of our aggregate products are continually performed during production to ensure consistency.

Cementitous materials, admixtures, and aggregate proportions are carefully selected to meet specifications and performance requirements. Concrete mixtures are tested randomly for slump, air, unit weight, yield, and strength. All technical information is maintained in a state-of-the-art quality control system where it can be readily accessed and utilized for optimization.

Technical service representatives and laboratory technicians are employed to ensure quality targets are reached and facilitate pour placement. All Technical Service Representatives are ACI Level One certified for concrete field testing and DOT certified for strength testing.

Taking Quality Control to New Levels.

BARD Materials is taking its quality control to the highest level using Closed-Loop Integration™ in the Central and East Regions. Closed-loop work flow ensures data integrity through automated data integration. Producers often maintain numerous disconnected databases of technical information for which there is no method to ensure mixes are produced and analyzed per design. With 'closed loop' integration, mixes are analyzed, designed, distributed, and produced using the same set of data. If mixtures are out of tolerance, appropriate personnel can be notified in real time.

This nationally recognized state-of-the-art concept is one that few in the United State have been able to fully implement. BARD is proud to be one of the first companies using Closed Loop Integration™ in the U. S. and will continue to reach new levels in product consistency, development, and guarantee.




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