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A complex composite material, Ready Mix Concrete gains strength through the chemical process of hydration. It has proven throughout history to be the most versatile building material because of its durability, formability, and strength. Concrete can be designed to reach different targets in strength, permeability, flowability, density, and color. With a large, thorough database of mixture designs and years of experience, BARD has the mixture design to meet your needs.


Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete

Our integrally colored Decorative Concrete comes in many attractive shades and proves to be a durable and beautiful surface. Exposed Aggregate mixture designs offer a unique decorative finish.

Pervious Concrete Pervious Concrete

Water to passes directly through Pervious Concrete, significantly reducing stormwater run-off and allowing water to pass back into the ground.

Self Consolidating Concrete Self Consolidating Concrete Self Consolidating Concrete

Velocity, BARD's optimized self-consolidating concrete mix, requires little to no mechanical energy for compaction and can flow 20 or more feet with no segregation. The additional workability and flowability aids in placement rates and achieves a detailed architectural finish.

Flowable Fill Flowable Fill

Flowable fill is a highly fluid, low strength material that is used in many geotechnical applications as a fill and soil replacement. Flowable fill requires no compaction and can achieve load bearing levels significantly higher than compacted fills.

Product Details

Velocity concrete requires little to no mechanical energy for compaction and can flow twenty or more feet with little to no segregation. The improved workability and flowability of Velocity improves placement rates, saving time and money. The benefits don't end there. Velocity achieves a more detailed architectural finish and can even reach strengths above 10,000 psi!