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Aquin Elementary School

Project Name: Aquin Elementary School
Location: Cascade, Iowa
Contractors: Mike Beck Construction

Project Details:

In 2007, the Aquin Catholic elementary school decided it was time to expand.  The early childhood through 8th grade facility increased its size by fifty four percent.  In an attempt to become a more green facility, the contractor proposed the use of ICF. Insulated Concrete Forms is a system of formwork for concrete that stays in place as permanent building insulation. The polystyrene foam blocks are locked together to form the outer shell.  Concrete is then pumped into the wall to provide a cast in place foundation.  Some advantages to using this type of construction include  better wind resistance, acoustic  insulation, and high performance R values. BARD West plant manager Dale Mescher indicated that then Principal Peter Smith ,marveled at the increased efficiencies the new building provided. The school is a showplace for Catholic education in Cascade.

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