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Our Core Values guide our actions as we work to fulfill our Purpose; they are mutually inclusive and support each other. They aren’t for everyone, but they are for everyone at BARD.

Tony Thier President
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Resilient people use positive emotions and experiences to handle our negative setbacks. At BARD, we make the choice to be positive and resilient even in the face of adversity.

Steve Kluesner Central Region Area Manager
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"Owning Safety" for our families, for ourselves, and for each other has a powerful impact on why we do what we do. It's not about what we protect ourselves from, it's about what we protect ourselves for.

Aaron Glendenning Safety & Environmental Director
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At BARD, we think about ourselves less and have a willingness to help others with no recognition needed.

Scott Glendenning East Region South Area Manager
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Being “Committed to Quality” is about both knowledge and understanding: understanding what our customer needs, and having the knowledge and information in order to deliver.

Eric Glendenning Technical Services Director


Be Humble

Being humble doesn't mean thinking less of ourselves: it means thinking about ourselves less. We are all willing to “sweep the shop” and are not worried about who is right, but what is right.

Build and maintain relationships

Build and Maintain Relationships

We succeed when we build and maintain relationships based on trust by communicating consistently, authentically, honestly, and with respect. We take a genuine interest in each other, show appreciation, and do not make remarks at each other’s expense. It’s more than just words; people never forget how you made them feel.

Choose to be positive and resilient

Choose to be Positive and Resilient

We accept that challenges are inevitable but we face them with positivity and resilience. We refuse to play the victim; we take ownership, find opportunities, and take action. We recognize that positivity is a choice — a choice that takes practice. Our positive choices make us healthier, more productive, and resilient; these choices improve our relationships and, ultimately, our lives.

Always Learn, Do, and Improve

Always Learn, Do, and Improve

Progress, not perfection. The goalpost is always moving and we accept this challenge by continually learning, growing, and improving in all that we do. We never hesitate to ask or explain ‘why.’ Setbacks are part of the process, but we commit to learning from our mistakes, and moving forward. Be a self-starter — there is always something to do and learn. We understand that small daily improvements lead to innovation and extraordinary results.

Own Safety

Own Safety

Safety is not a department, it is a mindset woven into the very fabric of everything we do. A strong safety mindset enables us to focus on making decisions that mitigate risk and get the job done safely. For our families, for our co-workers, and for ourselves: we are all safety managers.

Commit to quality

Commit to Quality

Everyone plays a role in quality and we commit to it in all of our processes. We are professional in our actions and take pride in our work and workplace. Quality is never an accident: it takes discipline, diligence, and a conscious effort in order to make the right choice of many alternatives.

Focus on the customer

Focus on the Customer

Everything starts with the customer, so we make every interaction count. We show them respect, appreciation, and never take their business for granted. We take the time to understand each customer's expectations and then strive to exceed them. We recognize that we're in this together: at the end of the day, their success is our success.

Act as One BARD

Act as One BARD

There is no “they” at BARD, there is only “we” – we commit and support each other as a team, as One BARD. As stakeholders, we take ownership by accepting accountability and sharing responsibility for achievements and challenges as One BARD. We choose to be part of the solution.


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Top Workplace

We believe success comes from the engagement and wellbeing of our people.

We are on a journey to become a Top Workplace where every team member can thrive. We take pride in achieving employee engagement scores that rank in the top 10% of our industry worldwide. This vision motivates us to implement strategies and practices that actualize our team's potential.

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