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Leadership Director

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The Leadership Director will be responsible for all aspects of leadership development,culture, and engagement. Candidate should be passionate about leadership and have the vision and drive to create a work culture where employees flourish. Candidate will join a unique, evolving, family-owned business that is focused on the long term and not afraid to think outside the box to create a world-class culture.


Leadership Director will be expected to exemplify the BARD Core Values:

Be Humble ·

Build and Maintain Relationships

Choose to be Positive and Resilient ·

Always Learn, Do, and Improve ·

Own Safety ·

Commit to Quality ·

Focus on the Customer ·

Act as One BARD.

Leadership Director believes:

A workplace that builds better leaders is key to building better families, communities, and country.

Leadership is the answer to most problems·

In the unlimited potential of employees ·

Self-awareness and EQ are skills that can be developed ·

Doing good (meaning) and doing well (money) are connected·

Career, social, financial, community, and physical well-being are all related·

Culture and climate have a positive impact on the bottom line and well-being of employees·

Culture and climate can continually be improved ·

Great teams can be built ·

Employees deserve to know what is expected of them ·

Employees should go home after work knowing how they contributed to a better world ·

Employers should seek to reduce unnecessary stress and minimize politics from the workplace·

Our health directly affects how we perform at work and at home·

Technology can be used to drive effective communication and engagement

Leadership Director reports to:·


Leadership Director directly supervises:·

Communications and Education Manager·

Benefits Manager ·

Wellness Coordinator

Primary Roles and Responsibilities:·

Implements the Values-Based Leadership program and strategies·

Instructs leadership modules on EQ, Insights personality assessment, performance management, and more·

Designs and manages the quantitative performance index of employee performance and bonus structure·

Designs and coordinates strategic recruiting strategies and processes·

Coordinates training programs aligned with an organizations overall business goals.·

Designs field and office team building exercises to support and train the Core Values ·

Develops and implements strategies to create a world class culture as measured by Gallup Top Workplaces·

Oversees and structures Benefits and Wellness to optimize well-being of employees.

Oversees Communications to ensure proper and effective communication throughout the company ·

Implements wellness strategies to optimize well-being of employees

Education and Skills: ·

A 4-year degree required·

Leadership experience preferred ·

Computer, math, EQ, and presentation skills will be fundamental to a candidate being successful in this role

Competitive Benefits

We offer a competitive benefits package including Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Short Term Disability Insurance, Flex Spending Plan, Health Reimbursement Accounts, 401 K, Profit Sharing, Wellness, Vacation, Holidays, Sick Pay and an Employee Assistance Program.

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